Kathleen Gilje
Portrait of Louise Bourgeois after Durer’s Portrait of Bernhard von Reesen  Portrait of Sibelius After Michael Sittow’s “Diego de Guevara” Self Portrait in the Kitchen After Artemesia Ghentileschi’s Judith and Holofernus   Self Portrait as Bouguereau’s “The AssaultPortrait of Jennifer Blei Stockman After Gustav Klimt’s “The Dancer” (Emerging out of her Art Collection)  Jeffrey Deitch as Jacopo Da Pontormo’s Halberdier (Francesco Guardi?)Basquiat as Velasquez’s Portrait of Juan De Pareja   Melva Bucksbaum as Woman with a Pearl Earring    Lowery Sims as Ingres’ Napoleon with a Gun   Rosalind Krauss in the Manner of DegasMichael Kimmelman as Thomas Kenton (The Thinker) After Eakins  Charlie Finch After Rembrandt   William Rubin as Picasso Photographed by Cartier- BressonPortrait of Henry Catto (Ambassador) at the Winfield House   Robert Loper as the Earl of Dalhousie   Robert Storr and his Wife (Rosamund Morley) as Degas’ Portrait of Manet and his Wife Rosamund Morley Fragment with the Viola da Gamba   Roselee Goldberg as Lo Majo (Dresses in Spanish Costume After Manet)      Portrait of Arthur Danto as the Bust of Socrates   Leo Steinberg as the Self Portrait of Rubens   Linda Nochlin at the Bar at the Folies Bergere   Portrait of Robert Rosenblum as the Marquis de PastoretDoug Cramer with Sutton