Kathleen Gilje
Odalisque with Slave, Restored, 2008La Famille Stamaty, Restored, 2008
graphite, 46.3x37.5 cm
Ingre Museum, Montauban (Louvre)12.	Mrs. Charles Thomas Thruston, nee. Frances Edwards, Restored   Dr. Jean-Louise Robin, Restored    5.	Mademoiselle Henriette-Ursule Claire (Thevenin?) and Her Dog Trim, Restored    1.	John Russell, Sixth Duke of Bedford, Restored14.	Charles-Francois Mallet, Restored   16.	Philippe Mengin De Bionual, Restored    15.	Otto Magnus von Stackelberg and, possibly Jakob Linckh, Restored   13.	Andre’-Benoit, called Taurel, Restored   10.	Joseph Woodhead and his Wife, nee’ Harriet Comber, and her Brother, Henry George Wandersford Comber, Restored     9.	Mademoiselle Louise Vernet, Restored   8.	Dr. Louis Martinet, Restored  7.	Charles Thevinin, Restored   6.	Madame Louis-Francoir Bretin, nee’ Genevieve-Aimee-Victoire Boutard, Restored   4.	Mrs. Charles Badham, nee’ Margaret Campbell, Restored   3.	Guillaume Guillon Lethiere, Restored  2.	Madame Louis-Nicolas-Marie Destouches, nee’ Armande-Edmee Charton, Restored   Rob StorrRosamund MorleyLeo SteinbergWilliam S. RubinLinda NochlinMicheal Kimmelman
Ingres Drawings, Restored